Another wintery image from a blistering cold Sweden! I usually shoot at low iso but in this location I cranked up the iso to no less than 2500...since I was thinking black & white and then "noise" would only add to the atmospher. The distribution of the light in the sky also caught my attention since it was inverted, in the sense that the horizon was darker and the graduation going upwards. The distinct horizon forms the classical triangle composition together with the snow formation centered in the foreground. [24/3.8 Elmar]


  1. Love this landscape shot - do you use the 24mm viewfinder with your elmar?

  2. Thanks :)
    No, I do not use a viewfinder to my 24. Framing is slight guesstimate at times but I prefer to shoot without. If I do miss framing, which happens every now and then, then I simply adjust and shoot again....