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Hello all friends,

Yes, it has been a long time since I posted anything here. The reason looks like this...

In the end , I needed a technical camera for my photography and after several months of studying what would be a suitable system for me, I concluded that an ALPA SWA is exactly what I want!

In my new homepage I have a section that I call 'Latest Image' and here I will add images with comments, not unlike a blog. So, if you still feel like you want to see what I do on a regular basis, visit once in a while!

Thank you for your support emails! In fact, from my 47 followers I have recieved 22 emails asking for the continuation of my imageposting & comments!

From now on its all here
See you there :)


Proud and posing. For once my slow focusing technique with the M9 did not cause problems shooting an animal. This guy was posing closeup and allowed me to do my thing!


The setup and positioning of this image was carefully done. The intention was a pure architectual image with the play of lines and perspective in greyscale. After a while I was happy and measured reflected light on the wall and shot it. I am sure you can 'imagine' away the guy falling and then you see my initial intention with the image. However, half a second after I had shot the first image, I hear somebody running heavily down the stairs and before I even take away my eye from the viewfinder, I see him falling straight towards me. With a reflex I shoot again and then I through myself to the side. The guy falls and miss me by inches, he stands up instantly and carry on running. It was all over in a couple of seconds. Nobody was chasing him, I have no idea what it was all about. But the image gets a story, and that I like!


Careful composition with the three rocks in a triangular perspective. There were plenty of rocks in the water, thus it takes longer then you might think to find what you are looking for. The final result looks quite obvious, but in reality it wasn't. [50/1.4 Summilux]

Tunnel vision

This works only if the opening of the tunnel is deadcentre, so positioning the camera correctly is important. Being in the dark I must spotmeter the woods outside. The green cast is from the filtered light through the leaves. [50/1.4 summilux]

Thank you

After a few times at service, my whole system is now back and works as it should. Inspiration is coming back and I am eager to create new images with this wonderful photographic tool. I say 'thank you' to both Ulf at Mattssons Foto and Brian at Leica Denmark for the service given. I appreciate it! This image was created a few hours ago at Ekholm lake and I dedicate this one to you guys.


As green as can be! The green and the blue is covering the entire image, but note that the black lines are framed after textbook composition!

Elmarit 28/2.8

I am trying out an Elmarit 28 and it is indeed very nice. An excellent walkaround lens, small and perfect in the city or in the countryside. Nice colours and sharp - I could definitely live with this one :)

Turning Torso

Let's stay tuned on eveningshots. This is probably the most photographed building in Malmoe. For this reason alone it is difficult to find a new angle or approach to make an image stand out. I have yet to see this one though(but it wouldn't surprise me if it does exist!).

Sunset in Skåne

To be honest, sunset images are not my favorite kind of images. I am posting this one simply because of the colours. It was probably not more than 5 minutes away before the yellow would turn red and the blue would turn black and I felt there was "something swedish" about it......

Köpegårdaviken by evening

Same evening, same place as the previous post. It was deadcalm and such a nice hour before the darkness slowly ate up the day. My parents were making dinner, my wife and kids were playing a game and I was out on the land hunting images. Quality time.


The sumilux shows remarkable flare resistance. Here it is pointed straight into the sun and yet the rendering of the field is crisp and full of detail. Sunset in spring, nice time of the year.

Breakfast by the lake

Striking light at breakfast at my friends house. This is his view from the kitchen window and I (ofcourse) had to excuse myself to run outside with the M9 ready to fire. The blue was intense, the fog in the distance soothing your mind and the reed more golden than ever. Even the coffee was good. Thanks Fredrik :)

Bird Droppings

These bird droppings on a trunk cought my eye while walking in the woods. The summilux wide open and making sure I had branches right in front of the lens to soften up the image. Desaturating the colours slightly and placing the trunk right in the centre.

Bare Hillock

Two images stitched together for a vertical pano.


The second facepainted girl that greeted me was not threatening to bite, instead she shone like the sun! To me that called upon a lighter background and merrier feel.


Tight crop, snooplight, lowered chin, pouting lips and intense eyes were the factors I was having in mind as soon as I saw the facepaint. Lucky for me that the model is used to my instructions :) so in less than 10 exposures and 5 minutes I had it exactly as I wanted it! [50/1.4 Summilux]

Sleeping Hill

Photography is "painting with light". Being able to read light and see the different appearances during the day in the same scene is probably the most important factor that makes or breaks a photograph. [90/2 apo summicron]

Summilux 50 asph @2

The Summilux 50 is a fast lens with 1.4 aperture wide open. I know that many just love to use this lens wide open to create dreamlike out of focus areas. I like this too, but when shooting people fairly closeup, then I prefer to have most of the face in focus and therefore I try to shoot @2. Especially if there is no imediate object behind the person. Here I have a small series of portraits of my daughter shot yesterday. All of them @2 and note that the out of focus areas are still nice and soft, but her whole face is sharp.

El Purche

Climbing up from Monachil on carretera del Purche towards Sierra Nevada rewards you on many grand scenes along the way. This day I had been out on the road for 9 hours with the sole purpose of looking for M images. It was a marvellous day with plenty of raw files recorded on the cards and I felt that it had been well spent hours.
It was getting late and I was quite tired and getting hungry, so I decided to go straight home and simply call it a day. But climbing above the clouds at around 2000 metres the light and atmosphere changed. Oh, well then, I stopped the car yet again and wondered off, hunting light and compositions. That last walk of the day resulted in this shot. [50/1.4 Summilux]

Falling Rocks

First outing with a 90/2 APO Summicron :)


There is a straight, vertical line in the centre, dividing the image almost like a mirror image. Late afternoon produces strong shadows and made this image idea possible.

Surprised Troll

Deep perspective, blown highlights and selective colouring are main features. There is so much information on the wall that I wanted to calm down details to the right in order to not get too busy. [24/3.8 Elmar]


Focusing at moving objects with a Leica M is a challange. Atleast for me. I am more at ease when I can plan, take my time, set up a tripod, think a bit more, measure light and then, maybe, I shoot.....Here I got friendly with a huge bird and I can tell you that I shot 10 exposures when it was moving about, me going back and forth with the focusing ring frantically - not having a single clue where I was. 9 raw files came out completely rubbish, and this one was spot on!!! Don't ask me how I did it :)


A carefully thought out composition, where some would argue that putting the window with bleed is not textbook. No it is not. But in my mind letting the bricks be visible around the window produces a weaker image. Now there are well defined colourareas and perfect horizontal and vertical lines. Tripod was used. A last point, when I shoot a flat surface and do not have to worry about DOF, then I usually go for the aperture with the most resolution. With the Summilux it is 5,6. [50/1.4 Summilux]