Why another blog about photographs and photography? Well, every photographer and every photograph is one of a kind. Young or old, student or enthusiast, beginner or professional – we all produce unique images, thus, in my view there cannot be too many. There will always be something else to look at on the next page.

Having photography as my work, my bread and butter, inevitably makes me come in contact with enthusiasts that ask for advice and are generally interested in my work. I do find this flattering and I have even grown to like having workshops and to teach my point of view in various situations.

Now, ”my point of view” is key. I have been a professional for 18 years, but it is important to understand that I am completely self-taught and everything I do and produce, I do with my own methods. It is not by any means the truth or textbook procedure. However, if the viewer/reader is aware of this fact, then it can still be interesting to see how ”this photographer” reasons and maybe pick up a tip or two.

Therefore, the main objective with this blog is to have (yet) another place to seek inspiration and also advice from my personal perspective if asked. I will write only a few words of images posted, but that is mainly not to bore you...

I do hope you will enjoy my style of photography and that you pop in every now and then to have a look!

All the best,
Dan Lindberg