Summilux 50/1.4 ASPH

What a lens! The quality feel is outstanding. The weight only is remarkable for such a small lens - yes, I opted for the chrome version. Focusing is smooth as butter, the aperture ring is perfectly distinct. Just holding it in my hand reinforces confidence and putting it on my grey M9 makes it the most beautiful camera on the planet in my humble opinion :) Optically it is a masterpiece and I truly feel very lucky to own it. I look forward to get to know the Summilux intimately and share plenty of photographs with you.


  1. Yes, my favourite lens too - I am constantly amazed at the capability of this lens - it by far exceeds my Canon 50 f1.2L in both sharpness and contrast. It is pretty much on my M9 90% of the time. Look forward to seeing your results. Here is an example taken 'on the fly' at a local pub in low light wide open

  2. Really great portrait!
    The lens is amazing and doubt that I have ever felt this way for a lens before. You say it stays on your body 90% of the time, I think I will not be far behind you on that. It's just