Five minute break

Lines, lines, lines. I look for both horizontal and vertical parallel lines are being straight. Without lensmovements there is only one single position for the camera to achieve this and that is where I am not looking up nor down on the vertical pillars. So, either up on your toes or down on your knees to see where you get the vertical lines straight! The horisontal lines you need to stay at a 90 degree angle not to get the slightest perspective for these lines. Quite tricky to find and hold the camara at this one spot without a tripod. I did it here, but I took my time and had to recompose several times. Luckily the person was on a five minute break so once I was happy with my position I simply waited until he did something slightly out of the ordinary to spice the image a little. [50/1.4 Summilux]

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