There is an unexplicable magic to the M's invitation to creative framing. Portraits are mostly about expression and sensitive light, however in this case, the precise composition is the strong point. I had most probably not seen this framing if shot with a standard through-the-lens viewfinder. [50/2 Summicron]


  1. You have managed to frame this shot amazingly well. I like the unintuitive composition, something that I still find difficult to use in my own work. There is mystery and nice graphical design.

  2. Thanks Piotr :) In this shoot I framed the model in a completely ordinary way for a dozen exposures until we were interrupted behind us by a couple having a verbal fight. I relaxed a bit, took a couple of steps back and did a whitebalance test on the wall inbetween the model and the window and in the viewfinder I totally fell in love with the image. The model, as you can see, is unaware that I framed it carefully a second time and exposed...